The Women of the ELCA

St. Paul’s Women of the ELCA (WELCA) meets four times yearly in January, April, July, and October. The meeting generally begins with an informative presentation given by a member of a civic service organization, followed by the business of the group. This group serves the luncheon for the yearly Annual Meeting, coordinates the Lenten Soup Suppers and social time following the Lenten service, oversees the yearly Ice Cream Social, serves funeral luncheons (upon request), remembers our college students during finals and our shut-ins and care facilities’ residents at Christmas. They donate over $3000 throughout the year to service organization both locally and abroad. They also help to support the Central States Women of the ELCA and the Churchwide Women of the ELCA.

The Mid-Missouri Women of the ELCA Cluster meet together for fellowship, Bible study, and to gather information regarding social service agencies within Central Missouri. The Mid-Missouri Cluster is composed of ladies from Columbia, Jefferson City, Camdenton, Sunrise Beach, Cole Camp, Stover, and Sedalia ELCA churches. Their offerings and in-kind giving are donated to particular social services, the Central States Women of the ELCA, and the Churchwide Women of the ELCA.


The Esther Circle

The Esther Circle is a group of ladies who gather monthly for Bible Study and fellowship. They meet on the third Monday of each month at 7:00. Bible study themes are many and varied including: “We Are Called” (found in the Women of the ELCA Gather magazine), “Living A Chocolate Life”, and “Couples of the Old Testament”. The group has lively discussions and enjoy rich, yummy desserts to close out the evening

The Esther Circle, together with other volunteers, share devotions at Ambrose Park and the Good Samaritan Nursing Care Center one or two months yearly. Also they make Baptismal banners for the newly baptized members each year. These banners are presented to the families on the Baptism of our Lord Sunday, the second Sunday in January.


“One Stitch at a Time”

“One Stitch at a Time” is a group of dedicated ladies who spend each Monday (except in the winter) making quilts. They cut, stitch, press, tack, and, of course, do lots of visiting. The ladies bring their own lunches, except the first Monday of each month when they treat themselves to a “Pizza Day” or, better yet, a fish fry!!

It is estimated that since 1997, they have made over 3,000 quilts. The quilts are donated to Lutheran World Relief and various agencies and individuals throughout the area.  

Each year our graduating high school seniors may select a quilt as a graduation gift from the ladies. Quilts have been donated to our pastors, families in need, fire victims, various service agencies, and members in care facilities. Each year well over 75 quilts are donated to Lutheran World Relief.