Bible Studies

St. Paul’s provides various opportunities for the adults of our congregation to study the word, strengthen their faith, and engage in faithful conversation.

Each Sunday morning at 9:00 (except during the summer) our adults gather in the Chapel. They gather in conversation surrounding a variety of books, current topics, and the scriptures. Currently, we are engaged in the study of the book of Revelation. All conversation is designed to probe various issues, both social and faith based.

The Young Adult Bible Study (YABS) group gathers monthly at a group member’s home for good food, conversation, fellowship, and study. They also participate in fellowship outings.

Evening Bible Studies are frequently held throughout the year as a topic of interest arises. 


The Gathering 

The Gathering is a yearly event held in the late fall. St. Paul’s has hosted this event for the past five years and invites members of the community and members of the area congregations to attend.           

A keynote speaker is brought in to share information regarding their faith journey and their calling. Time is spent in fun, fellowship, storytelling, faith formation, service, hands-on activities, food, worship and more. With each Gathering, we hope that all who attend will leave feeling energized and filled with the spirit to share with their congregations. 


Communities of Calling

The Communities of Calling is a recent ministry at St. Paul’s. We are exploring the different ways that God works in our lives that can be understood as God’s “call”.

St. Paul’s is one of fourteen congregations selected across the United States and Canada to be part of the Communities of Call Initiative.  We received a grant of $30,000 to be used over a period of five years to create projects to help the members of St. Paul’s see God’s calling in our lives and in the world.

A team of members pray, reflect, and develop a plan to help our existing ministries or to create a new ministry. One such project is “Graceful Endings” developed to discover better how to live and die with grace. Another project was the Summer Internship, five young ladies volunteered for the project. They spent their time together probing God’s “calling” in their lives and in the lives of their church family. They engaged in conversations, interviews, and prepared a presentation for the congregation.